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PPP (Persistent Postsurgery Pain) a major problem and in fact a nightmare for up to 85% of patients undergoing knee surgery. A research at Aalborg and Odense university hospitals come to a terrifying conclusion:

Patients who have undergone a surgical operation have more pain than those who have not.

We do have a simple, gentle, safe and efficient product that solve this issue and much more. Have a look at our testimonials, it is just a small portion of what we have. These are patients that did really suffer, some for very long time.



The perioperative period is key to the appropriate management of acute, chronic postoperative pain and recovery period duration. Perozin should be applied topically a few days earlier and up until a few hours, thoroughly washed off, before the operation. Perozin should be used during the recovery period as well.

Most of the patients that used Perozin® as prescribed above stand on feet few days or even few hours after the operation. The recovery period is reduced by up to 90% of the normal time it takes.



Chiroprators know very well what cryotherapy is and they use it as part of the treatment, some use cold packs other  cooling gels. Chiropractors that have tried Perozin® are very pleased of the results and positive feedbacks they get from their patients.



Perozin is used extensively in orthopedic hospitals, and as a part of the training program in the Tour de France. A great number of patients report to their physiotherapists an undeniable rapid and smooth recovery when using Perozin®.