How It Works

How Perozin® Works

According to the gate control theory, pain perception is a balance between information traveling into the spinal cord through two types of nociceptive nerves:

1) Large nerve fibers (C-Delta nerve fibers), transmit chronic pain.
2)  Small nerve fibers( A-Delta nerve fibers), transmit intense pain.
3) A third type "nonnociceptive" (A-beta nerve fibers) are Inhibitory Neurons,
they do not transmit pain.

Activation of the nonnociceptive nerve fibers results in the close of the gate. This means that only signals transmitted by nonnociceptive nerves will reach the brain. The signals transmitted by A & C-Delta fibers are thwarted, therefor pain will not be perceived by the brain.

Nonnociceptive nerve fibers can be activated by different means: acupuncture, acupressure, cold packs, electronic devices and menthol.

The recent scientific research has proven that menthol stimulates the TRPM8 cold receptors at the level of the skin.

The formula of Perozin® releases the encapsulated Menthol gradually on the surface of the skin, stimulating the nonnociceptive nerves for a long period of time.