The Story Behind

The Story Behind

What do you do when you have a serious back injury after an accident and your physician condemns you to the wheel chair when you refuse surgical operation?

You create your own product and call it Perozin®

Perozin® was introduced to the market by a patient who was searching for a way  to avoid a back surgery and relieve his unbearable pain after a serious accident. No drug seemed to alleviate his back pain. The formula he created consisted of ethanol and menthol with a blend of inactive ingredients. After trials and errors the final formula was efficient, gentle and offered long lasting pain relieve.

He was on feet again, without the use of harmful drugs and most of all avoiding unnecessary  back operation. He was in no doubt that many people can benefits from this formula after trying it on individuals with different ailments.

See what patients and professionals say about Perozin®. They are not well paid stars, they are real patients with real serious ailment that is destroying their quality of life, and professional burning to find the right solution for their patients.