Private Testimonials

Jens Kofoed 50 years old man with broken bones in his heel after falling from scaffolding:

“Perozin® made an end to my 20 years of pain within one week”


Jonas Kirkeby 30 years old man with serious damage on the right knee after Bowling sport:

“I almost tumbled out of the car after having driven the 40 km to work. After just one application of Perozin®, the pain dissipated for the rest of the week”


Charlotte Scheyby 35 years old nurse with pain in right hip and shoulder:

“The pain in my shoulders disappeared within minutes and 80% of the pain in my hip is gone and I sleep the whole night without tinglings in the legs after I started to use Perozin®.


Roxana Manea, from Romania:

“I have had two knee surgeries this year, after a previous knee surgery almost 20 years ago. I have been using Perozin® during my recovery, and I just wanted to send a big “thank you” to the man behind the Perozin® recipe, and to the ones who have encouraged him to share Perozin® with the world. You are making a lot of people's lives better, as well as making it easier for those suffering from bone and articulation related injuries.”


Mogens Kondrup 56 years old man with back pain from neck to the lower back after an accident at work:

“I tried everything, chiropractors, rheumatologists, physiotherapists, NSAID's, vallium etc... without getting any relieve from the unbearable constant pain. When I was advised to try Perozin®, I thought that is again the marketing that is more efficient than the product. After two weeks, I was born again, I did not have any pain at all. I still use Perozin® once a week”

Professional testimonials

Dr. Gerard Guillaume, sports doctor at FDJ and owner of rheumatologic clinic in Paris:

“The physiotherapists behind the pro cycling team FDJ have been using Perozin® since 2008 as myself in my own clinic with great satisfaction. Perozin® is appreciated for its undeniable anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Perozin® is applied on the athletes daily during a one-hour massage for a good physical recovery after the daily intense tour.”


Magni Bernhardsson, Icelandic chiropractor:

“The most efficient cure for joint and muscle pain is the combination of chiropractic treatment and Perozin®. Working with a product like Perozin® is a pleasure both during and after the procedure. Most of the clients return to purchase the product for relatives and friends based on their positive experience.”