The Product

The Product

The first thing a patient should think about when chosing a health product is THE SAFETY. The patient is at risk when the safety of the product is under 100%.

Perozin® is among the very few documented products that has a safety above the 100%. In fact many miles above the 100%. It is documented by well known international expert in the field of safety assessment of topical creams.

Perozin® is a gentle and pleasant product made from ingredients of natural origin and is designed for people with acute pain in the joints and muscles. Perozin® is used for the rapid, effective and sustained relieve of pain. Most users claim pain relief within 24 hours following treatment.


What does ”Perozin” mean?

Perozin® stands for ”peppermint, rosemary og zingiber (ginger)”, which make the three primary ingredients in the formula.

The active ingredients in Perozin® are menthol og ethanol, which when extracted correctly provide a cooling and pain relieving sensation. Completely natural.